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Librarians' Page

Librarians are vital to the success of JobScout. Together with the JobScout team, you make up the current group of Scout Masters. To ensure that you are well prepared to lead other Scouts on their path to employment, all the JobScout resources you need will be available right here. Make sure to visit this page often for the latest JobScout webinars, screencasts, guides and promotional materials.

JobScout Introductions and Guides

Are you new to JobScout? Let us walk you through the platform with our step-by-step guides and videos.


Take a look at our Introduction to JobScout to find out what it is, how it works and who it helps.


In order to provide users with training in a comprehensive set of digital literacy skills, JobScout lessons have been drafted to comply with the California Digital Literacy Standards. The California Digital Literacy Standards were developed by a state committee to provide a framework for digital literacy programs conducted by California’s state agencies. Below is a table mapping JobScout’s lessons against these elements.

What’s New on JobScout


JobScout webinars are held every third Wednesday of the month at 11:00 a.m. Join the JobScout team to cover the latest and greatest feature, content and resource releases on JobScout!

Click here to check out the December 19th webinar.

Click here to check out the November 14th webinar.

Click here to check out the October 17th webinar.

Click here to check out the September 19th webinar.

Click here to check out the August 15th webinar.

Click here to check out the July 18th webinar.

Click here to check out the June 20th webinar.

Click here to check out the May 16th webinar.

Click here to check out the April 18th webinar.

Take the JobScout Pledge!

Get involved with JobScout! Take the JobScout Pledge, and commit to doing just a few simple things to spread the word about the platform. Encourage your colleagues to take it too! It only takes 5 minutes.

You can also take the JobScout Pledge online by accessing it here.

JobScout Promotional Materials

The first step to getting your patrons started on JobScout is getting the word out about JobScout. The JobScout team has put together a suite of promotional materials for libraries to display and distribute. You can find digital copies of these materials right here on the Librarians’ Page.

Use our One-Pager as a snapshot of JobScout to share with staff and volunteers.

Our trifold provides great information about JobScout to share with community members.

Help us collect information about user progress by distributing JobScout's User Questionnaire. Data collected by this questionnaire will help our team determine which JobScout features and lessons benefit users the most.

JobScout Press Materials

Are you interested in letting the press know what is going on with JobScout in your library system? The JobScout team will be preparing press releases and other material that can be shared with the media.

Provide the press with all of the information they need to know about JobScout by sending the JobScout Media Kit with your next press release.

JobScout Logos and Art

Do you have an idea for promotional material you would like to display in your library branch? Are you planning to promote the use of JobScout in a particular library campaign? You can find JobScout’s logo, characters and badge art right here. If you can’t find what you are looking for here, contact Josh Bradley, our Director of Marketing and Platform Satisfaction at

JobScout Logos Click here to download the JobScout logo in ".PNG" form
Click here to download the JobScout logo in ".JPG" form