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Last Updated June 01, 2017

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What is JobScout?

JobScout is a web and mobile platform that uses game design to teach and reinforce digital literacy skills by:

  • Engaging users in self-paced online activities

  • Assisting users in mastering these skills to apply online for a job; and

  • Enabling users to network on and offline.

Who is the target audience?

The platform was built to accommodate skill levels that may include:

  • Users without digital literacy competency; Users with limited digital literacy skills;

  • Users who may be overwhelmed by the diversity and amount of online job resources that are complex to navigate and manage; and

  • Users who desire a streamlined resource offering and management tools for their job hunt.

Where is JobScout available?

JobScout is available at

Users who need offline support can visit on of the 600 libraries that JobScout has been implemented in throughout California. For a full list of these libraries, click here.

JobScout will soon be coming to more libraries, as well as select workforce development centers and school districts, in the near future.

What is the user experience like?

Learners experience digital literacy learning activities in a game environment that is consistent with the Basic Digital Literacy Skills Framework developed and supported by the State of California.

The platform allows the user to assume the role of a “scout,” searching for digital literacy skills to find employment. Imagine learners on a discovery trail with the guidance of a master scout being able to navigate through many digital literacy skills activities, mastering each point and reaching the destination successfully to achieve their badge.

Why use social gaming?

People love games. Sixty-seven percent of American households play games. Learning digital literacy skills should be fun and engaging.

The badges, points and other game elements to JobScout provide opportunities to new experiences and a sense of accomplishment for users in learning tasks, something that has worked well with offline training.

This is not just about playing a game for the sake of playing a game. Rather than just playing a game to win points, JobScout will lead users through activities where the result will be that they have completed a resume, successfully uploaded it, can use online databases to find a job and are collaborating and networking online with peers.

What are JobScout's Goals?

  • Users interact with each other, and this interaction facilitates the job search;

  • Users increasingly access the resources on the site;

  • Users finish all the lessons with the JobScout program;

  • Users continue to interact with the program once the lessons are complete;

  • Users turn in a certain number of applications online;

  • Users find a job; and

  • Users are equipped with a toolkit to move forward in the job market, and most importantly, the information economy.

What is the larger vision for JobScout?

JobScout is the first application launched by parent company TRAIL (Technology Resources and Internet Literacy).

TRAIL platforms use social gaming and standards of the social web to create a safe and accessible entry point for users to engage in a situated learning environment in our information economy.

TRAIL's platforms are being built to track user progress and intelligently identify what lessons and opportunities should be provided to users. The system will “learn as you go,” providing relevant and meaningful education content to the individual user.

JobScout is currently available at

Please see JobScout's Media Kit for more information.

Press contact

Josh Bradley

Director of Marketing & Platform Satisfaction